Cognizant Named an AI Consultancy Leader in Asia Pacific by Independent Research Firm


SINGAPORE, November 20, 2019 – Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) is recognized as an Artificial
Intelligence (AI) Consultancies leader in the Asia Pacific (AP) region by Forrester Research, a leading
global research and advisory firm. The Forrester Wave™: AI Consultancies In Asia Pacific, Q3 2019
report reviews the capabilities of 10 service providers on 24 criteria covering their current offering,
strategy, and market presence.

  • Cognizant received the highest rating possible in the data, data science and analytics, partner ecosystem,
    past performance, and deal size criteria. The report also noted that:
  • Cognizant sees every client as being on a data modernization and applied AI journey.
  • Cognizant focuses on transforming business processes and customer experience (CX) across the
    domains of operations intelligence (e.g., workforce, call center, IT, procurement, and supply chain),
    customer intelligence (e.g., CX, promotional spending, customer lifetime value, and interactions),
    product intelligence, risk and fraud, and data modernization.
  • Cognizant’s approach to delivering value to its clients rests on three pillars: optimizing data and
    business intelligence assets; modernizing the data and analytics ecosystem; and leveraging AI and
    automation…Cognizant also uses an extensive AI governance and ethics framework and its Learning
    Evolutionary AI Framework, gained via acquisition.
  • Cognizant provided solid case studies of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and financial services clients
    from across AP. Reference clients liked its strong technical and business expertise, the high quality of
    work it delivers, and good cost-to-value ratio.
  • Cognizant is a good fit for clients, particularly in pharma and healthcare, that are tackling significant
    data challenges on their AI journey and looking to get strategy, implementation, and organizational
    transformation from a single provider.

“Consultancies with distinct strengths in data science and analytics, data engineering, and business
domain expertise position themselves to successfully deliver positive AI business impact to their
customers,” wrote Achim Granzen of Forrester in the report. “While many vendors have developed
strong local practices or deep business expertise in selected domains and industries, very few provide
consistent breadth and depth across all sub-regions, industries, and domains in AP…Organizations
embarking upon their AI journey or expanding their use of AI should look for AI consultancies that excel
in data science, analytics, and data engineering…marry business expertise and AI technology
chops…[and] have a strong regional and local presence.”

“As AI begins to dictate both the future and future-readiness of businesses in Asia Pacific, they are
looking for a partner that can deliver end-to-end intelligence to solve complex business problems,
facilitate decision-making, improve business processes, enhance user engagement, reduce costs, and drive
growth and profitability,” said Jayajyoti Sengupta, Head of Asia-Pacific and Japan, Cognizant.

He added, “Wherever these businesses are on their AI journey — ideas, iteration, piloting, data migration,
or system implementation and expansion — and whatever their goals are — enhancing applications, workflows or processes, stitching together experiences, or exploring new channels of revenue and service,
Cognizant is delivering thoughtful and human-centered ways to accelerate not just time-to-market, but
also time-to-value and time-to-answers. We believe being named a leader in AI Consultancy in AP by
Forrester is a testament to our capabilities and commitment to helping businesses augment what they and
their employees, customers and partners can accomplish with intelligent machines.”

Cognizant’s applied AI approach revolves around augmenting and enhancing, rather than automating and
replacing, human experiences. The “intelligence” in Cognizant AI solutions is designed to perceive and
behave in familiar ways, while the “artificial” provides scale and repeatability not otherwise possible. For
example, a utility client uses a Cognizant-developed artificial intelligence solution to automatically scan
drone-taken images of its power distribution network to dramatically reduce the cost of identifying
equipment problems and repairs, while also preemptively alerting maintenance teams.