Digital Ecosystem: three steps to digitisation - A perspective from Moorhouse Consulting


The hype around cutting edge technology such as AI is all around us. Not experimenting with it means getting left behind, yet these experiments often bring little benefit or distract from achieving strategic objectives. In this perspective we explore three steps for a successful digitisation.

A growing and future proof business of tomorrow is inevitably a digital business. In our previous five perspectives we explored that a sustainable business of the future requires building an ecosystem of four capabilities and excelling in at least one of them - customer, products and services, workforce, infrastructure and operations.

Whilst the spectrum of digitisation ranges from replacing paper forms with online workflows to delegating entire processes to AI, any digital journey goes through three key stages: strategy, innovation, operationalisation. This three-point roadmap along with critical enablers such as enterprise agility is the answer to the question how to accelerate the digital journey.

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