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Director of Clinical Operations - Hyderabad - India


JOB DESCRIPTION – Director of Clinical Operations


About In-Sync Centre for Child Development:

In-Sync proposes to be an intervention centre based in Hyderabad, India for children below 7 years of age ably supported by a large corporate house. It aims at providing multidisciplinary care and intervention for children to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively using frameworks appropriate for individual needs. The Centre will offer services in multiple disciplines including Occupational& Behavioural Therapy as well as Speech and Special Educational support.

In-Sync will be managed by the Shakuntala Trust, a privately run body recently established to offer world-class educational and medical services in Hyderabad, India. The Centre (scheduled to open in June 2016) intends to follow best practices based on research to evolve &offer an array of individual and group therapies with need-based intensity

Position Title: Director of Clinical Operations for In-Sync Centre for Child Development.

Position Description: The Director will be responsible for developing policies and procedural guidelines and its dissemination, anticipate and address critical issues, and proactively develop contingency plans, ensure Centre operates at the highest levels through scorecard metrics. The Director must be aBehavioural Psychologist with significant experience in leading and operating reputed neurobehavioral or autism centres.

Hours: 40 hours per week, with 30 days of paid leave per annum.

Compensation: Negotiable and in line with global standards. Details can be provided upon request

Reports To: Trust Administration of Parent Body – Shakuntala Trust

Location: Hyderabad is the 6th largest city in India, and considered to be among the country’s most developed cities. The city is also home to a large expat community and several world class facilities and institutions.


  • Understand, explain and communicate therapeutic concepts and put into detail plans.
  • Coordinate training and outline areas of improvement for operational leaders / HODs
  • Design and implement new services in cooperation with sales, marketing and provide leadership.
  • Ability to anticipate and address critical issues and develop contingency plans.
  • Experience of working in a matrixed team environment is preferred.
  • Responsible for all Assessments performed by the therapy centre. Must implement the best practices in terms of application of tools and documenting the child’s need and progress over time. These reports must be of global standard and incorporate best practices over time. These reports must also be easily understandable and transferable to any world class institution if child wishes to transfer to another geographical location
  • Facilitate continuous training and development for the in-house team through weekly engagements and arranging training from others world class resources, either online or in Hyderabad.
  • Once the flagship centre is well established, would help in designing a feasible business and operational model that can be replicate into multiple therapy centres.
  • Drive the recruitment of key personnel as and when required.
  • Build relationships with key research institutions and child development centres around the world, collaborate in training and research to build a world class therapy centre over time.

Essential Functions:

  • Perform all functions according to established policies, procedures, regulatory and accreditation requirements, as well as applicable professional standards. Provide quality customer servicewhileconsistently supporting the goals and mission, following all trust policies and procedures, and following safety standards in performing all treatments/therapies.
  • Act as Scientific Director / consultant as required by the needs of the Centre.
  • Act as a primary senior-level contact for customers.
  • Interact and collaborate with other therapists, consultants and technical advisors in the preparation of clinical development plans, protocols, investigator brochures, and medical/clinical reports, as required. 
  • Coordinate the acquisition of necessary medical/scientific input from outside experts/consultants/advisors.
  • Ensure quality standards are set and maintained over all areas of operation. 
  • Line management responsibilities including professional development, performance appraisals, and employee counselling for direct reports. Assign work and review workload for all direct reports. Manage staff by establishing goals that will increase knowledge and skill levels, and by delegating tasks commensurate with skill level.
  • Provide expert operational oversight and guidance supporting in prioritization of activities, review and monitoring the work performed, among others.
  • Manage resource availability by ensuring that the Centre is suitably staffedand new requirements are identified and in place ahead of time.  
  • Ensurestaff follows mandate training and complete the required training documentation, and that  individual and work group/team tasks are completed in time
  • Assist in the resolution of any centre-related issues/findings associated with the performance of Clinical Operations staff. 
  • Ensure staff retention and turnover rates within the expected ranges. 
  • Organize and chair clinical staff meetings at regular intervals. Deal with issues raised or provide follow up for action items requiring resolution. 
  • Participate in marketing activities, client presentations and proposal development. 

Note: The essential functions are intended to describe the general content of and requirements of this position and are not intended to be an exhaustive statement of duties. Specific tasks or responsibilities will be documented as outlined by the Trust management

Relevant requisites for the position:

  • Behavioural Psychologist with minimum of 15+ years of relevant experience specialising in cognitive behavioural modification in childrenand having prior supervisory experience. Interest and aptitude for supervising, coaching and developing staff.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Must be able to provide therapy as appropriate with children of the relevant age group.
  • Available to respond to employee and clinical needs as required.

NB: Full Name In-Sync Center for Child Development is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancyTo apply by email to this position, please send your CV and covering letter to the following link: insyncpic@gmail.com, quoting reference number: TopConinsyncpic@gmail.com