Accenture Acquires Zestgroup to Help Clients Procure a More Sustainable Future


Accenture has acquired Zestgroup, a services firm specializing in energy transitions, net carbon-zero projects and procurement of renewables. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Zestgroup brings deep industry knowledge, project expertise and market regulation experience into helping organizations move to net-zero. These capabilities enhance Accenture’s ability to build more trusted, circular and net-zero value chains while driving social and economic benefits for all stakeholders.

“By combining years of deep industry expertise and capabilities, Zestgroup advances our ability to help clients move faster in achieving their carbon emission objectives,” said Nicole van Det, country managing director of Accenture Netherlands. “A sustainable future relies on organizations moving faster to transition ways of working to those that make greater use of sustainable clean energy sources.”

In fact, the International Energy Agency reports that renewables will soon generate as much electricity as fossil fuels, organizations must move faster to convert existing practices into those that make use of sustainable clean energy sources. Zestgroup supports this transition to sustainable energy sources, such as solar, water, heat, wind and biogas, and helps clients achieve net-zero carbon. The combination of these services with Accenture’s SynOps platform will give Accenture the ability to leverage insights to help clients extract greater value out of existing investments and accelerate their sustainability journey.

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