BCG - Up to 75% of Digital Workers Are Looking to Change Jobs Within Two to Three Years


A Report from BCG and The Network Discusses How to Retain Digital Talent in a Hot Market...

As many as 40% of employees working in digital fields are actively job hunting, and nearly 75% are expecting to leave their current role in the near future. These were among the findings of a global survey of almost 10,000 employees in digital roles conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network, a global alliance of recruitment websites. The report, titled Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge, is being released today.

The survey, part of BCG’s Decoding Global Talent series, found that the opportunity to advance their careers is the main driver for technology employees looking to switch roles (63%), followed by looking for new challenges (49%). For digital employees, having a good work-life balance continues to be the most valued aspect of their job. But financial compensation, in the form of both salaries and long-term incentives such as stock options and shares, has gained ground, rising from fifth to third place since the survey was previously conducted in 2018. Diversity and inclusion and environmental issues have also increased in importance over the last year for 61% of employees in digital fields. Fifty percent would not work for companies that do not share their diversity and inclusion beliefs; 48% take the same stance regarding environmental policies.

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