Employers recognise significant current and projected skills shortages as business needs evolve, finds PwC survey.


- Vast majority of businesses (85%) either have or expect to have shortages in critical skills...

- Digital skills and problem solving skills are the biggest current skills issue for employers with around two in five businesses experiencing shortages now

- Skills shortages means an urgent need for capacity building for the net zero transition

Most employers have skills shortages in their workforce or expect to have shortages in the next five years, according to PwC research. Concerns around skills shortages were profound with 33% experiencing a current shortage in core business skills such as teamwork, leadership, relationship-building and communication skills, while a further 41% expected to have shortages in the year ahead.

There is also a real need for capacity building for the net zero transition as over three quarters (76%) of employers already have a shortage of the skills needed to support the transition to net zero or expect to within the next 12 months (36% and 40%, respectively).

However, despite the skills struggle, in general employers show broad positivity about the education system with around 70% of respondents agreeing that it prepares young people well for work, life, and to work at organisations like theirs.

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