PA Consulting - Green tech pioneers taking the pain out of sustainability


PA Consulting is mentioned in The Times in an article about British tech entrepreneurs developing innovative, reusable, recyclable and affordable alternatives to single-use plastic.

One of PA`s clients, Ecobooth (now part of PIE Factory), is featured. They started out building exhibition stands for events made from plastic waste taken out of the ocean. PA was Ecobooth’s first commission in 2018; the brief was to build a fully recycled and reusable exhibition stand that could be used at a number of PA`s upcoming events.

The article goes on to explain that Nick, the CEO, was interested in ocean conservation so collected plastic waste gathered by the charity Surfers Against sewage, as well as other sources, to build the conference stands.

PA helped Nick take his idea and design a business model for Ecobooth. Our technology experts researched, analysed and identified potential materials, manufacturing technologies and certification approaches. This included evaluating additive printing capabilities at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre, which allowed Ecobooth to evaluate how the technology could reduce production costs and reduce waste.

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