PA Consulting - 3 necessary leadership skills for a post-Covid world


The post-Covid-19 leader needs these three skills to get on the front foot, argues Amarat Bal.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put business leaders to the test. Not only have leaders been required to operate under significant scrutiny and take extremely difficult decisions, the pandemic has also seen trust and credibility in leadership fall to all-time lows.

As we begin to transition to the hybrid working age, leaders will have a new set of challenges to contend with. The starting point for leaders will be the need to understand how to manage the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19 – from staff needing to self-isolate, to whole regions potentially being locked down again, to reconciling the tactical decisions made to get their organisations through the pandemic with their longer-term strategy and business objectives.

The post-Covid-19 era will be just as demanding on leaders. As we sail through these unchartered waters, this era will require the following new kinds of leadership styles and approaches.

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