PA Consulting - How the metaverse has changed manufacturing


Over the last few years, the metaverse has dominated the tech world, but the term itself has existed for decades.

A virtual space where people can interact with one another, the metaverse is best known today for its use in multiplayer videogames, where people all over the world can gather online in real time.

In the industrial world, the metaverse has more practical applications. Companies will often use it for digital twins, virtual representations of existing business functions, such as a manufacturing line. Digital twins allow businesses to virtually assess how different scenarios might impact productivity, safety, external environments and any number of other factors, all without pausing production or putting workers’ safety at risk.

While for some companies the concept of digital twins may be new, others in the manufacturing space have been using them for years now, proving not just their effectiveness, but also their ability to drive innovation in an increasingly competitive economy. How, then, are early adopters using digital twins already and what does this mean for future applications?

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