Treasure8 and PA Consulting team up to reduce food waste


Wil Schoenmakers, global head of consumer products & manufacturing at PA Consulting, discusses PA’s collaboration with San Francisco-based food tech startup Treasure8. Timothy Childs and Derk Hendriksen from Treasure8 are also quoted.

Treasure8, a San Francisco-based food tech startup, has partnered with PA Consulting to scale and deploy its food tech platform.

Founded in 2012, Treasure8 focuses on upcycling food waste streams, and works with large companies to reformulate and advance their products. The firm worked with the USDA to develop the SAUNA dehydration and freeze drying system, which preserves more nutritional value for dried food products than conventional methods, and can be used to upcycle surplus food and waste.

Now, PA Consulting will help Treasure8 quickly scale up and commercialize Treaure8’s dehydration technologies and operations, while facilitating access to a network of global consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms, food companies, and manufacturers.

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