UK businesses making strides in quantum computing, despite the technology being considered “overhyped”


- New data from KPMG reveals that 55% of UK business decision makers think that quantum computing is an overhyped technology.

- Yet 91% of respondents think it is important for the UK to be a leading nation in quantum tech.

- Furthermore, a quarter of businesses say they are already working on quantum projects.

New research of UK business decision makers, commissioned by KPMG UK and conducted by OnePoll, has revealed that most (55%) companies think that quantum computing – a type of computing that uses quantum mechanics so that it can perform certain types of computation more efficiently than a regular computer – is an overhyped technology, with 26% strongly agreeing they feel this way.

But this scepticism has not deterred organisations’ enthusiasm for the technology, as 91% think it is important for the UK to be a leading nation in quantum computing technology. The data also shows that businesses are making considerable strides in quantum, with a quarter saying they already have quantum computing projects in place, a third having either an internal team or external advisors looking into how they can use the technology, and 31% of organisations discussing how they will leverage the technology in the future. A mere 9% aren’t thinking at all about how they can take advantage of quantum, though this was significantly higher in the Utility (29%) and Hospitality (24%) sectors.

However, when asked about apprehensions to using the technology, regulation (38%) came up again as a key concern, closely followed by security issues (35%).

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