3 Ways to Create a More Cohesive Team in the Workplace

Team cohesiveness is ultimately what’s going to dictate how efficient and productive your business will be.

It can be much tougher to achieve these days because of the changing nature of the workforce, however. More businesses have decided to move to either a remote or hybrid format and getting everyone on the same page can seem like an uphill battle with this type of setting. But it is possible once you use the right tools, methodologies, and have the right mindset. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can build a more cohesive team in the workplace.

Use Better Project Management Tools

If you have to manage multidisciplinary teams across different departments and in different settings, you will need to start using management tools and methodologies that will allow everyone to work together without being in close contact. If we were to recommend one thing, it would be for you to start studying agile project management methodologies if you haven’t already. If you need to work on various tasks during the day versus one big project, then you should look at the Kanban method and Kanban management tools.

Kanban is a project management methodology that uses columns and swim lanes to visually follow the progress of different tasks. It allows you to clearly set stages for every task and know exactly how close to completion it is along with who’s working on it. You can also preload tasks and add them to a queue, allowing your employees to pull out tasks without needing your input. You can rearrange tasks in order of importance whenever you wish as well.

Organize Team Building Events

All teams should have team-building events, even if they're remote. Team events might be more difficult to organize these days but are still possible if you get creative. You could try hosting a family feud virtual team building event, for instance. Some platforms will allow you to set up a family feud game with your employees remotely through Zoom and make it feel like the real thing. There will even be breakout rooms where team members can strategize on their answers. This could be tons of fun and allow your team to keep bonds intact even if they can't directly communicate with each other.

Encourage Communication

Your employees need to feel comfortable speaking to you or other managers. They need to know that they can speak to you, and you have to let them know that you take their comments and recommendations seriously. You also have to implement solutions for recurring complaints and let your whole team know when certain issues are creeping up so you can correct the course. Meetings are also a great time to hear some of their recommendations.

These are all things that you can do as a business today to improve cohesiveness. A cohesive team performs better, has better morale, and reaches its objectives, so don’t take this part lightly and constantly work on building stronger team dynamics.