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Acting on ESG issues was important before this pandemic and will be even more important after it.

For survivors of modern slavery, the end of the nightmare is hardly the end of the story. After rescue or escape, the recovery process begins.

At a time of great global uncertainty, it is hard to see beyond the doom and gloom. Fortunately, our fifth annual Under 30 Europe list delivers a much needed dose of optimism.

In this article, we suggest that in order to come back stronger, companies should reimagine their business model as they return to full speed. The moment is not to be lost: those who step up their game will be better off and far more ready to confront the challenges—and opportunities—of the next normal than those who do not.

PA Consulting (PA), the consultancy that`s bringing ingenuity to life, has co-developed iPredict™, the world`s first artificially intelligent system to prevent power outages by predicting asset failures weeks in advance.

On 16 April 2020, the Cabinet Office confirmed that the first newly-adapted ventilator design from the government’s Ventilator Challenge had received regulatory approval and the first batch of devices have already been dispatched to NHS hospitals to support coronavirus patients.

Refinitiv ESG scores now more data driven than ever, addressing three main industry challenges of Materiality, Transparency Stimulation, Size Bias, allowing investors and companies more objective industry peer-comparisons.

Layoffs in response to the economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus are either expected or have begun happening at 44% of companies, according to a survey of over 1,000 people conducted by Verdict.

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) is hosting a series of virtual workshops for MCA member firms and their employees on issues impacting both individuals and employees during the current situation.

We`re all facing unprecedented challenges in the next few weeks and months, in our daily lives, in our communities, and in our businesses. But we`re already seeing evidence of how, if we work together, we can make a difference, an article from Source Global Research...

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) has launched a new guide for Government Buyers of Consultancy, to help encourage them to consider using SMEs more regularly.

Commenting on the latest Government guidance on Coronavirus, Tamzen Isacsson, MCA Chief Executive, said: “Government needs to act decisively today to give more certainty to businesses working under unprecedented pressure.

Today’s clients are faced with a dizzying variety of options when it comes to buying professional services. While the industry is still dominated by a handful of big firms, they are no longer the default option they once were, writes Fergus Blair of Source Global Research...

- Substantial growth in bookings points to a successful 2020
- Three major ambitions drive Strategy 2025...

- Growth rate almost halves since 2016 EU Referendum
- Central government upheaval delays decision making around new initiatives
- Regulatory-driven work in financial services is no longer a cash cow for UK consultants...

Financial Times names North West IT consultancy one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Cognizant has been named a Top Employer 2020 in 15 countries worldwide by Top Employers Institute. The Institute recognises leading organisations that continuously optimise workplace practices to develop and nurture talent while providing an outstanding work environment.

PA Consulting, the consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life, announces record fee income of £500 million for 2019, a 10 per cent increase on 2018.

Suppose you moonlight as a small business owner and you want to start selling your products online; maybe you make a line of high-quality cashmere socks embroidered with inspirational Paul Drucker quotes. And further suppose that—for one of any number of perfectly valid reasons—you have a strong ethical aversion to working with Amazon, writes Fergus Blair of Source Global Research...

- The number of young consultants that attended a Russell Group university has fallen by 28% since 2011
- Younger consultants more concerned about competitive salary and travel than sociable hours and flexibility which matter more to older consultants
- 1 in 4 young consultants considering leaving UK after Brexit according to new independent research
- Consultancy sector continues to grow, up 8% in 2019 with 6% growth estimated for the next 12/24 months...

Cognizant today announced that it has been selected by Con Edison, one of the nation’s largest energy delivery organizations, to help modernize the company’s application and technology infrastructure to better serve 10 million people in New York City and the surrounding regions.

Cognizant today announced it has acquired Code Zero Consulting, a privately-held provider of consulting and implementation services for cloud-based Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and billing solutions.

New research from pricing strategy specialists Simon-Kucher ( shows that if the Bank of England decides to cut base rates this week, the big losers will be savers and businesses with surplus liquidity in the form of bank deposits, and the banks themselves, which stand to lose £1.2bn in annual profits.

Manufacturers reported a surge in optimism in the three months to January, marking the largest upward swing in sentiment in a single quarter on record. That’s according to the latest CBI quarterly industrial trends survey.

As the US tech giants, Apple, Microsoft, and Google continue to grow aggressively and expand their range of services, they’ve ramped up their use of consultants, finds a new report today.

- Over a third of firms exceed growth expectations in 2019 (34%) with digital transformation projects driving growth
- Post-election, sector body, the MCA, warns the UK should not squander this opportunity in 2020 to reshape Britain and secure its competitive position in the world as a centre for entrepreneurship, innovation and digital leadership
- 6% growth estimated for next 12-24 months with three quarters of firms expecting consulting activity to rise
- A quarter of firms say driving sustainability efforts is the number one trend for UK businesses...

- 33 firms make it to finalist stages in both project and individual awards
- Improving care and shortening waiting times for cancer patients and transforming police forces across UK provide strong examples of value of consulting to public sector
- Major businesses from BP, to HSBC, Astra-Zeneca, Standard Chartered, Ocado and L’Oréal line up to champion the collaborative work done with consultancies...

The first group of management consultants from across 10 firms have been granted Chartered status and presented with their certificates at a ceremony in London.

Cognizant recently announced it has been named a leader among SAP service providers for midsize enterprises in a new report by Forrester Research.

The hype around cutting edge technology such as AI is all around us. Not experimenting with it means getting left behind, yet these experiments often bring little benefit or distract from achieving strategic objectives. In this perspective we explore three steps for a successful digitisation.

Global tax advisors are being increasingly called upon by large corporates to advise on transfer pricing as tax authorities around the world clamp down on perceived abuses, finds a new report today from Source Global Research.

We are delighted to announce that Ben Wildman has become a Partner at The Berkeley Partnership, effective 1st January 2020.

Global healthcare consulting revenues passed US$10bn (US$10.9bn) in 2018, with the market growing 9.1% as healthcare companies pursued a global agenda of growth, efficiency, patient-centricity, and digitisation.

One of the topics we’re most often asked about is expansion. Usually, this is about geography, but it doesn’t have to be—a point I’ll come back to later. Perhaps demand for a particular service is on the wane; perhaps there’s no headroom for growth in a specialised market; perhaps the opportunities elsewhere simply look more attractive. Whatever the driver, the questions are the same: Where to go, and what to do when you get there? writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global consulting...

Salesforce said Sunday it will donate $17 million to nonprofits over the next year to advance the United Nations’ environmental sustainability and economic equality goals.

I believe investor impatience and today’s stock-trading process can work against digital transformation. That’s too bad, because shareholders -- and all other company stakeholders -- stand to benefit from digital transformation. Digital transformation can lead to better solutions and more innovation and it can create new revenue streams in the process..

Becoming and being a working parent isn’t what it used to be. Amid the shifts in technology and social norms, companies are being called on to update their policies and benefits for new parents.



Tackling the war for talent

What difference can tackling the war for talent make in the built environment sector – and why does this even matter?.

A look at five emerging IoT trends solution providers need to watch in 2020, ranging from the sectors that will drive explosive data growth to new kinds of data and sensors..

The age of power and renewables has already begun. How will the global energy value chain respond to the great fuel switch? Find out more below about the future of renewable energy and what the energy transition could mean for your business....

With revenue of nearly £38 billion, the UK aerospace industry is ranked number one in Europe for investment, a new PwC report has said.

- Digital initiatives and the rise of renewables drive up global energy & resources consulting revenues past US$16bn
- Energy companies spend over US$10bn on consulting
- India’s energy & resources consulting market is the fastest growing in the world

Digital initiatives and the rise of renewables have led to strong growth in the global energy & resources consulting market in 2018, with global revenues increasing 6.2% to US$16.9bn. Utilities was once again the fastest-growing consulting market in the sector (up 6.7% to US$4.2bn) amid strong demand for business model restructuring expertise from companies seeking to offer more services in response to the rise of distributed generation and growing competition. These figures are published today in a new report, The Energy & Resources Consulting Market in 2019, from Source Global Research, the leading research and strategy firm for the global professional services industry. The Source report says that the global energy & resources sector is experiencing significant disruption amid a growing focus on the environment and the need for improved sustainability, and this focus has been something of a boon for consultants serving this sector as companies pursue extensive transformation and diversification programmes. Companies across the sector also required consulting support in dealing with the impact of shifting to a decentralised and low-carbon market. The gradual transition away from combustion engines to EVs was also the subject of much discussion, and generated a growing volume of work, with clients across the market exploring how the changes will impact on their businesses. With oil prices remaining relatively stable throughout much of 2018, consultants also saw a healthy uptick in demand in the energy industry (revenues up 6.3% to US$10.5bn) with energy companies eager to continue their diversification programmes. In addition, the Source report revealed that the demand for digitisation expertise was also high as companies explored how new and emerging technologies can improve their operations and as smart grids and smart meters generated an unprecedented volume of data. Ashok Patel, Editor at Source Global Research, said:
“The rise of renewables was a boon for consultants, particularly in the energy industry, as clients sought consultants’ help in diversifying their portfolios and restructuring their businesses. Demand for digitisation expertise continued to accelerate with energy & resources companies eager to catch up with their peers in other sectors. Data & analytics is becoming a particularly strong driver of demand in the front office as clients strive to improve the customer experience.” On the sector’s increasing focus on the environment and the need for improved sustainability, Regina Mayor, Energy & Natural Resources National Sector Leader at KPMG, said:
“We see a growing need for companies to decarbonise their own operations. It’s not enough to change their energy production portfolios—clients need to change how they do things, not just what they do.” From a geographic perspective, the Source report reveals that India was the fastest-growing energy & resources consulting market in the world, with revenues rising 9% to US$223.8m, followed by Africa, which grew 7.9% in 2018. The US—the sector’s largest consulting market—grew 6% to US$8.3bn, with the three next biggest markets all growing at a fairly similar pace. The smallest energy & resources market—the Nordics—continued to recover following its contraction in 2016. Consultants are optimistic about their prospects through 2020, as clients continue to pursue transformative initiatives amid an ongoing rise in renewables, the continued decentralisation of the utilities market, and growing concerns over the impact of EVs on business models throughout the sector. For more information on Source reports contact, telephone +44 (0)20 3478 1204, or visit

SINGAPORE, November 20, 2019 – Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) is recognized as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consultancies leader in the Asia Pacific (AP) region by Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm. The Forrester Wave™: AI Consultancies In Asia Pacific, Q3 2019 report reviews the capabilities of 10 service providers on 24 criteria covering their current offering, strategy, and market presence.

Good Growth for Cities measures the performance of the UK’s largest cities against 10 indicators that the public think are most important when it comes to economic wellbeing. The Index was developed by PwC and the think tank Demos in the aftermath of the financial crisis in response to the sense that we need to look beyond GDP headlines to measure economic success..

No asset is more prized in today`s digital economy than data. It has become widespread to the point of cliche to refer to data as "the new oil." As one recent Economist headline put it, data is "the world`s most valuable resource.".

Open, the fastest-growing SME neobanking service globally, has made it to the ‘Fintech 100’, a collaborative initiative undertaken by KPMG and H2 Ventures, which recognizes the best fintech innovators from around the world..

Gartner research of technology and service providers indicates that marketers in “growth” organisations are personalising webpages and emails for target accounts significantly more than those in “no growth” organisations..

AI in Cybersecurity a Growing Necessity Amidst a Rapidly Evolving Business Landscape, Finds Frost & Sullivan.

These data and analytics technology trends will have significant disruptive potential over the next three to five years..

Corindus Vascular Robotics reported that it has completed its first machine-assisted brain surgery procedure in humans..

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