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The first group of management consultants from across 10 firms have been granted Chartered status and presented with their certificates at a ceremony in London.

Cognizant recently announced it has been named a leader among SAP service providers for midsize enterprises in a new report by Forrester Research.

The hype around cutting edge technology such as AI is all around us. Not experimenting with it means getting left behind, yet these experiments often bring little benefit or distract from achieving strategic objectives. In this perspective we explore three steps for a successful digitisation.

Global tax advisors are being increasingly called upon by large corporates to advise on transfer pricing as tax authorities around the world clamp down on perceived abuses, finds a new report today from Source Global Research.

We are delighted to announce that Ben Wildman has become a Partner at The Berkeley Partnership, effective 1st January 2020.

Global healthcare consulting revenues passed US$10bn (US$10.9bn) in 2018, with the market growing 9.1% as healthcare companies pursued a global agenda of growth, efficiency, patient-centricity, and digitisation.

One of the topics we’re most often asked about is expansion. Usually, this is about geography, but it doesn’t have to be—a point I’ll come back to later. Perhaps demand for a particular service is on the wane; perhaps there’s no headroom for growth in a specialised market; perhaps the opportunities elsewhere simply look more attractive. Whatever the driver, the questions are the same: Where to go, and what to do when you get there? writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global consulting...

With revenue of nearly £38 billion, the UK aerospace industry is ranked number one in Europe for investment, a new PwC report has said.

The age of power and renewables has already begun. How will the global energy value chain respond to the great fuel switch? Find out more below about the future of renewable energy and what the energy transition could mean for your business....

A look at five emerging IoT trends solution providers need to watch in 2020, ranging from the sectors that will drive explosive data growth to new kinds of data and sensors. .



Tackling the war for talent

What difference can tackling the war for talent make in the built environment sector – and why does this even matter?.

Becoming and being a working parent isn’t what it used to be. Amid the shifts in technology and social norms, companies are being called on to update their policies and benefits for new parents.

I believe investor impatience and today’s stock-trading process can work against digital transformation. That’s too bad, because shareholders -- and all other company stakeholders -- stand to benefit from digital transformation. Digital transformation can lead to better solutions and more innovation and it can create new revenue streams in the process..

Salesforce said Sunday it will donate $17 million to nonprofits over the next year to advance the United Nations’ environmental sustainability and economic equality goals .

- Digital initiatives and the rise of renewables drive up global energy & resources consulting revenues past US$16bn
- Energy companies spend over US$10bn on consulting
- India’s energy & resources consulting market is the fastest growing in the world

Digital initiatives and the rise of renewables have led to strong growth in the global energy & resources consulting market in 2018, with global revenues increasing 6.2% to US$16.9bn. Utilities was once again the fastest-growing consulting market in the sector (up 6.7% to US$4.2bn) amid strong demand for business model restructuring expertise from companies seeking to offer more services in response to the rise of distributed generation and growing competition. These figures are published today in a new report, The Energy & Resources Consulting Market in 2019, from Source Global Research, the leading research and strategy firm for the global professional services industry. The Source report says that the global energy & resources sector is experiencing significant disruption amid a growing focus on the environment and the need for improved sustainability, and this focus has been something of a boon for consultants serving this sector as companies pursue extensive transformation and diversification programmes. Companies across the sector also required consulting support in dealing with the impact of shifting to a decentralised and low-carbon market. The gradual transition away from combustion engines to EVs was also the subject of much discussion, and generated a growing volume of work, with clients across the market exploring how the changes will impact on their businesses. With oil prices remaining relatively stable throughout much of 2018, consultants also saw a healthy uptick in demand in the energy industry (revenues up 6.3% to US$10.5bn) with energy companies eager to continue their diversification programmes. In addition, the Source report revealed that the demand for digitisation expertise was also high as companies explored how new and emerging technologies can improve their operations and as smart grids and smart meters generated an unprecedented volume of data. Ashok Patel, Editor at Source Global Research, said:
“The rise of renewables was a boon for consultants, particularly in the energy industry, as clients sought consultants’ help in diversifying their portfolios and restructuring their businesses. Demand for digitisation expertise continued to accelerate with energy & resources companies eager to catch up with their peers in other sectors. Data & analytics is becoming a particularly strong driver of demand in the front office as clients strive to improve the customer experience.” On the sector’s increasing focus on the environment and the need for improved sustainability, Regina Mayor, Energy & Natural Resources National Sector Leader at KPMG, said:
“We see a growing need for companies to decarbonise their own operations. It’s not enough to change their energy production portfolios—clients need to change how they do things, not just what they do.” From a geographic perspective, the Source report reveals that India was the fastest-growing energy & resources consulting market in the world, with revenues rising 9% to US$223.8m, followed by Africa, which grew 7.9% in 2018. The US—the sector’s largest consulting market—grew 6% to US$8.3bn, with the three next biggest markets all growing at a fairly similar pace. The smallest energy & resources market—the Nordics—continued to recover following its contraction in 2016. Consultants are optimistic about their prospects through 2020, as clients continue to pursue transformative initiatives amid an ongoing rise in renewables, the continued decentralisation of the utilities market, and growing concerns over the impact of EVs on business models throughout the sector. For more information on Source reports contact, telephone +44 (0)20 3478 1204, or visit

SINGAPORE, November 20, 2019 – Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) is recognized as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consultancies leader in the Asia Pacific (AP) region by Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm. The Forrester Wave™: AI Consultancies In Asia Pacific, Q3 2019 report reviews the capabilities of 10 service providers on 24 criteria covering their current offering, strategy, and market presence.

No asset is more prized in today's digital economy than data. It has become widespread to the point of cliche to refer to data as "the new oil." As one recent Economist headline put it, data is "the world's most valuable resource.".

Good Growth for Cities measures the performance of the UK’s largest cities against 10 indicators that the public think are most important when it comes to economic wellbeing. The Index was developed by PwC and the think tank Demos in the aftermath of the financial crisis in response to the sense that we need to look beyond GDP headlines to measure economic success..

Open, the fastest-growing SME neobanking service globally, has made it to the ‘Fintech 100’, a collaborative initiative undertaken by KPMG and H2 Ventures, which recognizes the best fintech innovators from around the world..

Corindus Vascular Robotics reported that it has completed its first machine-assisted brain surgery procedure in humans..

Gartner research of technology and service providers indicates that marketers in “growth” organisations are personalising webpages and emails for target accounts significantly more than those in “no growth” organisations. .

These data and analytics technology trends will have significant disruptive potential over the next three to five years..

AI in Cybersecurity a Growing Necessity Amidst a Rapidly Evolving Business Landscape, Finds Frost & Sullivan.

Cybersecurity risk management is not a purely technical or theoretical endeavor. Information security investments now inform security supply with the aim of reducing data breaches and boosting public perception. However, the demand for greater spending doesn’t necessarily equate to improved defenses..

What’s the mood in the oil and gas industry? We’d say caution has crept in, based on the tone of debate at Wood Mackenzie’s October Energy Summits in London and Houston. These revealed common themes, hot topics and differing perspectives from each side of the Atlantic.

Biometric cards could make a strong dent against credit card fraud, but several myths surround the technology....

For established companies, the pressure to digitise business models and products has reached new intensity. McKinsey research shows that the best-performing decile of digitised incumbents earns as much as 80 percent of the digital revenues generated in their industries. Ascending to that elite group is far from easy....

CIOs are set to include artificial intelligence in their IT strategy. Technical, legislative and cultural challenges could influence their AI ambitions.

“The Equiteq team was a pleasure to work with in completing a fairly complex transaction.They demonstrated a strong depth of knowledge in professional services, top negotiation skills, and the patience and fortitude to bring the buyer and seller to a mutually agreeable place to complete the deal.”- Raazi Imam, Caiman CEO

Caiman Consulting (“Caiman”), a premier management consulting firm focused on the technology industry, today announced it has completed its sale to Sia Partners, a leading international independent management and AI consulting firm. Caiman was founded in 2004 by Raazi Imam and Greg Long with a stated goal to help companies become more innovative, navigate change, and thrive in a transforming world. With a presence in both Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area, Caiman has been helping clients in the technology space navigate disruption, build enterprise capabilities, and drive transformational change for the past 15 years. Sia Partners is a global, next generation consulting firm focused on delivering superior value and tangible results to its clients as they navigate the digital revolution. The firm’s broad global reach expands into 16 countries, with over 1,600 consultants worldwide. Sia Partners’ U.S. practice works with more than 50 blue-chip companies in the U.S. across six main sectors including banking, energy and utilities, insurance, technology, transportation, and healthcare. The firm differentiates itself by applying its innovative Consulting 4.0 approach that combines management consulting skills with AI techniques. Caiman’s Managing Partners, Raazi Imam, Sheri Iverson and Marci Marra, will join Sia Partners’ U.S. management team under the leadership of Dan Connor, CEO U.S. at Sia Partners. Raazi Imam will lead the newly-established Sia Partners’ offices in San Jose and San Francisco. Mark Birzell – from Sia Partners – will head the Seattle office. “After 15 years of growing Caiman to become a leading and respected management consulting practice, it’s energizing to find a place that shares our intrinsic values and can help us scale the great digital transformation work we’ve been doing in the high-tech sector. We are impressed by Sia’s pioneering Consulting 4.0 approach and we believe that having a global footprint to serve our clients, notably in Dublin, London and Singapore along with a deep focus on AI, Data Science and Digital is a key differentiator as we continue to support our clients transform their businesses,” said Raazi Imam, CEO of Caiman. “This transaction establishes Sia Partners as a leading consulting player in the Seattle market, with 100 expert consultants,” said Matthieu Courtecuisse, Founder and CEO of Sia Partners. “It also strengthens our global tech practice, which now represents 10% of our total revenue.” “The combination of two pure consulting players, with strong focuses on innovation, is a natural one, as Caiman’s client portfolio and team’s expertise seamlessly complement Sia Partners’ existing capabilities on the West Coast. Caiman will help Sia Partners achieve its goal of over 500 consultants in the U.S. by the end of 2020. We are excited to welcome them.” said Dan Connor. Regarding Equiteq’s role in the transaction, Raazi Imam said, “Equiteq’s expert counselling and devotion to protecting our best interests ultimately led to identifying the right partner, Sia Partners, to help drive our next stage of growth. We are grateful to the entire Equiteq team for their commitment to helping us achieve this exciting transaction with Sia Partners.” Adam Tindall, Managing Director of Equiteq’s North America practice, commented, “It has been a privilege working with the Caiman team and to complete this transaction with Sia Partners. Equiteq’s global reach was instrumental in helping to bring buyers across the globe into the process. We wish the Caiman and Sia teams a successful future together.” .

UK business investment in new technologies such as quantum computing, blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI) is set to jump in the next five years, according to the CBI and Accenture Tech Tracker survey.

As China’s consulting market rapidly grew by 13.4% to almost US$6bn in 2018 (US$5.98bn), the consulting arms of accounting firms[1]—a group dominated by the Big Four—continued to outperform the market, with revenues increasing 15.9% to pass US$2bn (US$2.1bn) for the first time. Accounting firms now generate more than a third of all consulting revenues in China.

About a week ago, Google expanded its links to its calendar app where users can instantaneously create new calendar events straight from Chrome's address bar. The company today announced it's bringing the service to the masses allowing non-Google platforms to attach their services to the new shortcut domains. Already, rivals Microsoft and Music streaming platform Spotify have snatched up some of these domains....

Business executives today are under pressure to accelerate speed to market while ensuring high quality, so it's not surprising that they are turning to DevOps practices to ensure high-quality software and an exceptional experience for the customer..

As marketers seek to contribute to company growth, they often look for truths–what are the things that we absolutely have to do?.

Industry 4.0 has arrived in the automotive industry, bringing substantial shifts in worker skill sets, line machinery maintenance and production quality control. According to the Association for Talent Development, knowledge workers are now in demand on factory floors, and CIO notes that proactive maintenance could help organisations cut the $50 billion they spend each year on downtime..

Policy-makers at a number of central banks around the world are seriously considering developing and issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), with a consumer-ready CBDC likely to arrive in the next five years.

UK payroll experts need to keep pace with best practices and technology trends that impact the payroll function, in addition to managing changing workforce and compliance requirements. In our new survey, we asked these experts about how they’re using technology today in the payroll function, and their plans for the future..

The 10-year contract is part of a Pentagon efforts to modernise the military's computing infrastructure, much of which is decades old, using computers from the 1980s and 1990s. The technology is woefully inadequate in today's high-tech environment, and the government is spending billions of dollars to update its antiquated information technology systems..

The researchers claim that most approaches to resistance in VR hardware are bulky, costly, and require significant power to reach human-scale forces. This is because they use large powerful actuators.

The concept of the internet of things entails the use of electronic devices that help to capture or monitor data and are linked to a public or private network, empowering them to mechanically initiate certain events. We look at the context of IoT in the healthcare industry and come across the myriad of benefits it has bestowed upon it.

Cognizant is recognized as a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services leader in a new report on the rapidly evolving market by Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm.

After experiencing strong growth of 5.5% to reach a value of US$4.1bn in 2018, Canada’s consulting market has made the biggest gains in this year’s ranking of the most attractive consulting markets in the world, climbing from joint 10th to joint 7th in the last 12 months.

IBM has set a new and very impressive standard in the protection of data. With the launch of the IBM z15, IBM Data Privacy Passports technology builds upon pervasive encryption to help clients protect and provision data and revoke access to that data at any time from any location — even for data not housed on the z15..

The task that Google says might take the world’s fastest classical supercomputer 10,000 years can actually, says IBM, be done in just days....

Topcoder, a Wipro company, and the world’s largest technology network and on-demand digital talent platform, announced the addition of new data science and AI features to the Topcoder Platform.

Read the Transforming for Tomorrow digital report, which explores the pace at which organisations are digitally transforming... .

IOTA is one of the 26 contestants of the Smart Buildings Challenge program. Other contestants include the likes of Dell, Wipro, and others. The contestants will get an opportunity to work with entities like Microsoft and Bosch.

We explore insight from speaker and retail intelligence expert Diane Wehrle, marketing and insights director at Springboard, about the importance of retail employees in this challenge. Employees who are engaged, motivated and ready to deliver an exceptional in-store experience.

Solar panels we be installed underneath the surface of some roads in Tokyo, according to the Independent. The metropolitan government announced their plans for "solar roads" as part of a campaign to make Tokyo a more eco-friendly city .

Before tackling the problem of IoT connectivity, it’s important to understand the mass IoT market: what does it compose of? Will the IoT market largely be made of industrial or consumer connections, or both?.

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