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We explore insight from speaker and retail intelligence expert Diane Wehrle, marketing and insights director at Springboard, about the importance of retail employees in this challenge. Employees who are engaged, motivated and ready to deliver an exceptional in-store experience.

Solar panels we be installed underneath the surface of some roads in Tokyo, according to the Independent. The metropolitan government announced their plans for "solar roads" as part of a campaign to make Tokyo a more eco-friendly city .

Before tackling the problem of IoT connectivity, it’s important to understand the mass IoT market: what does it compose of? Will the IoT market largely be made of industrial or consumer connections, or both?.


Siemens Corporate Shared Services

Will artificial intelligence take over from the doctor one day?

Siemens is headed towards having Artificial Intelligence as one of the primary technology pillars in their products. As a market leader, it aims to be realistic in its approach to incorporate AI in its products. It says AI will pan out in phases, with hybrid devices coming to the market first..

Enterprise IT is quickly becoming a data-centric and widely distributed environment that includes the soon-to-be tens of billions of connected, intelligent devices. This will make up the internet of things and generate petabytes of data, multiple public and hybrid clouds and modern applications using such technologies as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and advanced analytics..

CISOs are facing a perfect storm when it comes to securing their networks. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated just as corporate networks are becoming more distributed and complex – all while security talent becomes harder to find and security strategy best practices evolve..

To stay competitive in the business world, corporations have for years relied on outsourcing, sometimes referred to as labour arbitrage. While outsourcing has been around for ages, the ways companies are leveraging outsourcing are changing..

Capgemini conceptualized and developed an integrated e-commerce, web content, and marketing solution integrated into the backend systems, to provide an improved digital experience to M1's customers. .

History books no doubt will show cloud among the hottest IT topics of 2019. Cloud is both a pathway and a puzzle....

Some things vary across categories and depend on a company’s starting place — but successful digital transformations usually share specific traits that translate across industries.

Acquisition augments digital engineering and core modernization capabilities, deepening cloud-native architecture expertise in key geographies

TEANECK, NJ – Oct. 16, 2019 – Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Contino, a privately-held technology consulting firm. Contino specialises in helping Global 2,000 clients accelerate their digital transformation by leveraging enterprise DevOps methodologies, a cloud-native development approach, and advanced data platforms.


PA Consulting Group

Creating a railway for 2050

What does the future of rail in the UK look like? The answer depends on how far into the future you look. If the Williams Review is as penetrating as we expect, the coming year has the potential to radically kick start the change in the way our railways are run. However, will that be radical change for today, for the next five years, or for the next 30?.

Commercial real estate is an industry based on relationships, trust and human interactions, and to this day, networking and face-to-face engagements are still critical to success. But that does not mean that there isn’t room for technology in the workplace in this industry or other late adopters.

At Gartner's Digital Workplace Summit in London, analysts said they expect artificial intelligence to be common in the office by 2025; they already see ‘huge pent-up demand.’.


Siemens Corporate Shared Services

How Siemens Healthineers Translates Raw Data Into Answers

In a world overflowing with siloed petabytes of data, understanding can come only with data analytics that are seamless and all-pervasive. Having access to all the data at every point in time leads to insights and drives powerful outcomes that make the difference between good and great..

Ongoing Brexit uncertainty is clearly having a material impact on the consumer psyche,’ says Paul Martin at KPMG.

By partnering with Capgemini, Baker Hughes, a GE company implements an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that transforms shop floor processes and the Manufacturing Execution System..

Among the most impressive new developments in technology is the field of machine learning. In essence, machine learning teaches an artificial intelligence system to teach itself. While this might sound like the start of a campy sci-fi horror story, the results are quite promising for small business.

Sometimes in all the talk about digital workplaces, it is forgotten that many enterprises are still struggling with the journey from traditional to digital enterprise. Digital transformation, though, is big business and many technology heavyweights have thrown their hat into the ring to catch a piece of the $250 million market.

  • Just 46% of clients say they get more in value than they pay in fees from their tax advisors
  • Technology companies could put intense pressure on tax advisory firms if they don’t get to grips with the innovation problem

  • Although the US tax advisory market expanded by 9% to US$8bn in 2017 – a new report today finds that tax advisory firms need to provide more innovative solutions and deliver more value to clients. The Perceptions of Tax Firms report, from the leading research and strategy firm for the global professional services industry, Source Global Research, found that while 81% of clients rate the quality of tax advisors’ works as ‘high’ or ‘very high’, just 46% say they get more in value than they pay in fees. Clients also place a great deal of importance in receiving cutting-edge thinking from their tax advisors, but the Source research found that they are left wanting: They don’t see thought leadership or innovative approaches as a relative strength of the tax advisory firms they know. The report warns that if tax advisors don’t get to grips with this problem, there is a possibility that software providers and technology companies could start competing strongly with tax firms to provide automated solutions and platforms to manage tax for clients. Martin White, a Senior Analyst at Source Global Research, said:
    “In an age of ever-increasing digitisation, the desire from clients for innovation indicates that they want to see more automation, use of data & analytics, and other digital solutions from their tax advisors. Clients may also want to see more managed services, allowing them to reduce the number of routine, manual processes within internal tax functions.” The report says that one of the ways of improving perceptions about the quality of thought leadership and the innovative approaches of tax advisors could be to partner with more innovative areas of the firm, particularly where firms have wider consulting and audit practices. The report found that some tax advisory firms have had success putting their technology partners at the centre when approaching clients who want to focus on innovation – allowing them to show how advanced their thinking is, and to demonstrate their track record of applying innovative approaches in consulting, audit, or other areas of their business. Closing the value gap
    When it comes to views on value from clients, the report found that the most value-adding tax firms are much better when it comes to the strengths of their people – with the top firms better at matching the right people to the right projects, and providing a blend of better sector-specific expertise and experienced subject matter experts. The quality of their thought leadership and the way they deal with stakeholders is also better.

    Martin White from Source concluded:
    “Better people can help clients think and work better, can allow clients to do things more safely – by providing an external view on internal thinking – or can use their knowledge, experience, and expertise to do things faster than a company could manage with just in-house resources.

    Given the importance placed by clients on the quality of thought leadership, we think this is the most crucial people area for firms to focus on in order to improve perceptions of value.”
    For more information on Source reports contact, telephone +44 (0)20 3478 1204, or visit .



    Oracle OpenWorld reaches 40

    OpenWorld closes for another year. During the event Oracle managed to publish a total of 40 items, mainly press releases and a few blogs. Many more were issued by partners and other companies attending. A full list is below as well as some highlights....

    Whether it is Network Security, behavioural analytics, vulnerability management or phishing detection, AI and machine learning tools are indispensable while dealing with cyber security....

    Researchers at IBM have developed a new lightweight and modular method for speech synthesis.

    PwC earned $42.4 billion in global annual revenues with $3 billion (2.44 billion pounds) going into bolstering skills over the next two years, the “Big Four” accountant said on Tuesday as it faces closer regulatory scrutiny in Britain.

    CIOs should begin to embrace blockchain to explore strategic business initiatives, but avoid falling for the hype..

    EY has announced it is coming together with the Partnership on AI, a multistakeholder not-for-profit corporation formed to better understand the impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement around AI's impact on people and society. .

    Ross Tracey, Managing Director, Ceridian Europe outlines five of the top technology trends that are changing the world of work in the U.K..

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrating seven decades of public health progress, which it says, "Have added 25 years to global life expectancy, saved millions of children’s lives, and made huge inroads into eradicating deadly diseases." As WHO notes, there’s still a long way to go....

    By 2020, Gen Z will be a major factor in the workplace. These workers are far different from their predecessors, already comfortable with digital technologies, yet unsure of how they fit into organisations that have not kept pace with their expectations....

    Market Research Inc. has announced the addition of a thorough research study to its extensive repository called the Autonomous Vehicle Security market. The data were reviewed based on effective methodologies such as primary and secondary research techniques. .

    Infosys Finacle, part of EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys (NYSE: INFY), announced on Monday it has completed its global blockchain trial in partnership with blockchain software company, R3.

    ConsenSys-backed identity management protocol uPort has entered a partnership with Onfido and PwC to develop blockchain-based identity management in the United Kingdom's financial sector..

    After four years of moderate progress, in 2018 the pace of the low carbon transition slowed down to the long term average since 2000. Despite significant increases in renewable energy, the gap between the Paris Agreement goal and the current pathway continues to grow.

    Kainos, a leading provider of digital services and platforms, has given 45 university students the opportunity to learn cutting-edge AI techniques, including reinforcement learning using AWS. .

    Shanghai International Blockchain Week 2019 is a major, blockchain industry gathering themed as Blockchain New Economy, New Decade, New Beginning. Over 2000 participants, 250 experts, and 50 global projects were brought together to share their experience on the development of blockchain technology, real-world applications, regulations & compliance and their vision towards the next decade of the industry..

    Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has launched Wipro Consumer Care–Ventures to invest in startups in the consumer brands space. The company said on Thursday it will invest in companies in India and Southeast Asia that have "strong entrepreneurs" and startups with a "sound business model"..

    What motivates millennial consumers to follow a brand or company on social media? The largest percentage of millennial men (58%) and women (62%) respondents to the Gartner Millennial Survey 2019 say they follow brands because the posts are informative....

    Companies that achieve “efficient growth” focus on building scale, not scope, into their cost structures.

    Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) has unveiled a new artificial intelligence-powered software platform that gives property insurers the ability to process large numbers of claims stemming from natural disasters or other catastrophic events in record time. Cognizant Property Insights is a software-as-a-service solution that combines satellite and aerial imagery and property data, with machine learning technologies to quickly assess damage caused by hurricanes, tornados, floods, wildfires and other disasters in just four to five days, significantly speeding payment of customer claims.

    New staffing figures come as Big Four accountant posts healthy profits of £1.02 billion.

    It’s no secret that one of the largest areas of growth in the tech industry is deploying and optimising internet of things (IoT) devices. After smartphones conquered our pockets, the world’s most innovative companies are building intelligent devices — smart thermostats, speakers, plugs, security systems and more — to control convenience and comfort in another extension of ourselves: the home.

    WW, Atlassian, StubHub and other enterprises are steering digital initiatives to drive business growth and operational efficiency. These digital transformation examples detail IT leaders’ strategies, implementations and challenges.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrating seven decades of public health progress, which it says, "Have added 25 years to global life expectancy, saved millions of children’s lives, and made huge inroads into eradicating deadly diseases." As WHO notes, there’s still a long way to go.

    The primary motivators for digital transformation are still more reactive than proactive, says a new report from enterprise database company Couchbase.

    What are the best and most effective ways information security professionals can use blockchain technology?.


    Wood Mackenzie Ltd

    LNG's Surfing the Wave

    Gas looks the best bet of the fossil fuels through the energy transition. Coal demand has already peaked while oil has a decade or so of slowing growth before electric vehicles start to make real inroads in transportation. Gas, blessed with lower carbon intensity and ample resource, is set for steady growth through 2040 on our base case projections.

    To invest in the 5G wireless network, healthcare CIOs will need compelling use cases. But since the network won't be ready for years, finding them may be tough..

    Find out more about one of the biggest commercial opportunities in today’s fast-changing economy.

    High street retailers are facing an ever-changing landscape as consumers change their shopping habits to head online. In order to survive, brands need to learn to adapt and understand how technology can be used to their advantage, not their demise.

    We've all had those days where getting the simplest thing fixed, or even a basic question answered, takes hours. It might be anything from a mysterious glitch in your desktop computer, to a query about what's covered by your employer's health insurance plan....

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